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It’s Not Just About You,

it’s also about me, them, and everyone.

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After three years of studying computer science, I started to realize something important.

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Quality Assurance

Imagine yourself as a teacher. You have just finished writing questions for your class final exams tomorrow. You read once again that all of the questions are correct and the rules written at the start of the paper are correct and need to be signed in order to take part in the exam. “This final exam will surely be perfect”!

Imagine a clean wardrobe WITH ONE MESSY CLOTHES INSIDE | Image Credit: Tidying Up with Marie Kondo
EVERYONE GETS A TEST!!!!! | Image Credit: The Oprah Winfrey Show
Peer-Review example with my friend Kholish | Image Credit: Self
Oh no! | Image Credit: Self

UX Awareness

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UX Awareness in Genius Design

Genius Design is a design approach that only includes the smarts and experience of whoever is on the UX team with no outside input or research. The results could go well or awful depending on how well-experienced the researchers are in the UX team. Since Kholish and I are the only two in our team who have taken HCI courses last term, UI/UX design mostly relies on our input. Many factors are crucial to gauge how well you are in designing UI/UX of your application, one of them is empathy that I explained in my Persona article. In this article, I would like to introduce a similar parameter to empathy in creating a good UX, called awareness. To be called aware, we shouldn’t just code our intended job desk and call it a day, we also need to be well-informed of our programs, do some manual testing of our programs, and also understands our program. By being aware, we will be able to do a good judgment in deciding how our program should be designed, hence doing a great Genius Design. Below is an example in me as the group’s designer on giving and applying feedback in our group project after being aware of what our program does:

Where’s the alert dialogueeeeeee??? | Image Credit: Self
Well, I’ll make them by myself then! | Image Credit: Self
if (map['resellers'].length == 0) {
return Padding(
padding: const EdgeInsets.symmetric(
vertical: 120, horizontal: 20),
children: [
padding: const EdgeInsets.symmetric(
vertical: 10, horizontal: 20),),
Text("Tidak Ada Hasil",
textAlign: TextAlign.center,
style: TextStyle(
fontSize: getProportionateScreenWidth(24),
fontWeight: FontWeight.bold,
color: bluePrimary,
padding: const EdgeInsets.symmetric(
vertical: 10, horizontal: 20),),
Text("Tidak ada agen untuk diverifikasi. Ayo undang orang lain untuk menjadi agen Hepicircle!",
textAlign: TextAlign.center,
style: TextStyle(
fontSize: getProportionateScreenWidth(18),
fontWeight: FontWeight.bold,
color: greyPrimary,
Now there’s information for Users when there’s no data! Hooray! | Image Credit: Self
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When we’re creating our program, always remember its purpose. The application’s not just for you, it’s also for me, him, her, and everyone else. Don’t forget to communicate with others to ensure that your program stays true on their job and solves everyone’s problem without making a new one!

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